My Audrey


Alas, my Audrey went paws up after a lightening spike during a storm. I'm working on other useless projects around the house right now.

The Plan

My plan is to use an Audrey as a kitchen appliance. Mostly, what I want is to be able to


I ordered an Audrey from I ordered it on a Thursday evening and it arrived on Monday. Pretty snappy.

Mail and Web services

The obvious first thing was to set up mail and web services. Since I run a mail server at home, I set up a new account 'kitchen' so we can mail to only the Audrey. I also had to open up the sendmail.cR file to allow the audrey to relay mail out. This meant a static IP for the Audrey - no real pain since I give static IP's to all the machines in the house.

The web server was more interesting. My plan was

Every other machine could resolve "http://home/' just fine, but the Audrey would not. It got '400' errors. The Apache logs showed 'request failed: error reading the headers'. Turns out the problem is a suggested configuration fix to avoid an exploit. I had these lines in httpd.conf

                LimitRequestFields 15
                LimitRequestFieldSize 800
It turns out the Audrey sends more request fields. Changing LimitRequestFields to 30 fixed it.