consolenotes - play notes on a linux box

consolenotes is a command line tool to play notes on the internal speaker of a PC running linux.


    consolenotes c 4 d 4 e 4 f 4 g 4 a 4 b 4 c 4

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       consolenotes - play notes on the PC internal speaker


       consolenotes {{note} duration} ...


       Consolenotes  plays  tones  on  the  internal speaker of a
       Linux box via the console tone generator  interface.    It
       is  mostly  a hack, but it it useful to play tunes on con-
       sole-less machines to signal  events.   For  example,  you
       might  want  a  sequence played from /etc/rc.d/rc.local to
       let you know the  machine  has  finally  booted,  or  from
       /etc/rc.d/S00halt to let you know the machine has finished
       shutting down.


       Consolenotes  accepts  a  list  of  note  durations,  each
       optionally  preceded by a new pitch designation.   Pitches
       are the letters a through c, followed by an optional sharp
       (#)  or flat (b) designator followed by an optional octave
       designator.   0 is the  middle  octave,  1  is  an  octave
       higher,  and  -1  an octave lower.   Durations are 1 for a
       whole note, 2 for a half note and so on.   You  can't  ask
       for a note longer than a whole note.


       consolenotes   c-1 8 d-1 8 e-1 8 f-1 8 g-1 8 a-1 8 b-1 8 \
            c0 8 d0 8 e0 8 f0 8 g0 8 a0 8 b0 8 \
            c1 8 d1 8 e1 8 f1 8 g1 8 a1 8 b1 8 \
            c2 8 d2 8 e2 8 f2 8 g2 8 a2 8 b2 8 c3 8

       consolenotes a#-3 2 a#-2 2 a#-1 2 a# 2 a#1 2 a#2 2 a#3 2


       This  is  a quick hack that may not work for all realeases
       of Linux.  It has been tested with kernels 2.0.33-34,  and
       2.4.19, but it uses interfaces that are subject to change.
       Your mileage may vary.


       Tony Aiuto  <>

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