Engarde to HTML

Latest version - 1.1.5 - May 15, 2007

engarde2html is a program turns Engarde fencing competition data into HTML. It can be easily modified to produce other forms of output. The Long Island Division uses it to report it's results. See some samples here.

  • Runs directly against Engarde compeition folders - does not require XML export
  • Computes USFA class changes
  • Designates qualifiers for events that are marked as such.
    • Can handled combined Div 2/3 qualifiers.
    • Can handle auto qualifiers
  • Can be run in mid-event
  • Can automatically upload current event status to a web site
  • After pools, you get an alphabetic index to the ranks so fencers can find themselves in the DE table
  • All presentation formatting controlled with style sheets that can be customedized for your club or division
  • Can be locally modified by someone with moderate programming experience
  • Portable to Mac, Windows and Linux
  • If you have a new feature, I'll implement it if I think it's worthwhile!
It requires Tcl (Tool Command Language, pronounced "tickle") to work. A copy of ActiveState Tcl is provided below.



  1. Install Tcl
    Download ActiveState Tcl for windows and click on the installer.
  2. Download engarde2html.tcl and copy to a convenient location. This may be either your Engarde program folder, or the folder where you run save your events.
  3. Double-click engarde2html.tcl to start it
  4. Select the competition.egw file for the event
  5. Press "Generate HTML"
    The event results will be in the competition folder as event.html
Of course, there is much more to it than that. More instructions will be available in the future. If you want help, please feel free to email me and I can talk you through the setup.

Report any problems (or send money) to tony.aiuto@gmail.com