getlinks - extract links from an HTML file

getlinks reads an HTML file and emits the links in an easy to process .


    getlinks -s getlinks.html

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       getlinks - extract hrefs from an HTML document

       getlinks [-b base_ref] [-f] [-r] [-s site] file

       Getlinks  scans an HTML file for hrefs and emits a list of

                 Prepend base_ref to all locations  that  do  not
                 begin with /.

       -f        Do  not  fix  up paths.   Normally getlinks will
                 compress .  and .. components of a file name.

       -r        Leave paths relative. Normally getlinks will fix
                 up  resource  names  that  do not begin with a /
                 with either base_ref or the  base  part  of  the
                 input file name.

       -ssite    Suppress  hrefs  that  point to sites other than
                 the designated one.

       getlinks -s index.html

       Tony Aiuto  <>

       The     definitive     source      is      located      at   It  may  be mir-
       rored at

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