Software Resources

My Source Archives
I have an archive of free tools that I have built for myself which may be useful to others.
How to do technical support
My thoughts on how to keep a customer happy on a difficult support problem.
Database Xcessory
Tips for using my favorite Motif database application builder.
Inserting the Euro character into a postscript font
I don't have the pages up yet. Contact me for more info
HTML Hints and Tips
I collect HTML that I find and try to package it for reuse.
Hacking Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts
Notes on hacking Mozilla Firefox keyboard shortcuts without rebuilding from source.
The household Audrey
Notes about my efforts to make a 3Com Audrey into a useful kitchen appliance
Dr. Sluggo's Torture Chamber
This was a game I wrote with some friends in my youth. What I find totally amazing is that I never preserved this bit of code, and yet, more than 25 years later, my friend found it on a web site ( We have no idea how they got hold of it. Before you think I'm a sick bastard, let me point out that this was done by teenage boys in the era of political incorrectness. It's pretty tame by those standards. I'm much more embarrassed about the quality of the code - Basic... <shudder/>
Using IBM's XML4J 1.x with network input streams (as in a java servlet)
XML4J does not do this very well, and I needed it to. Here's how.


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