Tony's Source Archives

This is an archive of things I have written that may be useful to others. I generally build everything on Linux, SunOS 4.x and Irix 5.x, so we have some degree of portability. Many of them also work under windows nt (and 9x) when using the Cygnus gcc tools.

If you like any of the tools you find here, please send me a note ( I'll put you on the mailing list for upgrades. Don't worry, you won't get more than a few a year. I also ask one favor - leave a link to my site on one of yours. It does not even have to be visible, just so that it's picked up by search engines.

Unless otherwise stated, all program source code copyright 1982-2007 Tony Aiuto.

Unless otherwise stated, everything is under a BSD style license. Use it any way you see fit; keep my name in to code; I'm not responsible if you shoot your foot.


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