Professional Interests

  • Internet Protocols
  • Cross Platform Development
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Web Server Internals
  • X/Motif
  • Qt
  • Database Systems
  • Tcl
  • XML
  • Computer Telephony
  • Python, C++, and Java
  • Printing Systems (custom postscript
    printer drivers)
  • Hetrogenous Unix administration

I work at Google, where I build things. :-) Before that, I was employed at Integrated Computer Solutions , a leading supplier of Motif and Qt Development Tools and Training. For more information, you can read a resume that I update occasionally.

Tony in the News
Software Tools
I have an archive of free tools that I have built for myself which may be useful to others. Most are source form only. Prebuilt Windows binaries are provided for a few.
Software Resources
Other software resources

  • I publish the full text of junk mail I receive that has offensive legal disclaimers. It's usually boring, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Mail me
  • My Linked-in profile
  • My personal system setup preferences
  • Browser Information
  • The Village of Great Neck (NY) Codes in straight HTML.
  • This page is served by a machine in my basement.  It is a surplus Cray Y-MP running a beta version of Plan 9. My utility bill is a killer.
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